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What is Glitter Sleuth?

Glitter Sleuth is a blog about exploring.

Exploration doesn’t have to involve a plane ticket, a tank of gas or even a backpack. Exploration can be when you pick up a new spice in your kitchen, when you spin a new LP on the record player, when you duck into that tiny shop you’ve never seen before. Exploring, for me, is the courage to live in uncertainty, and the faith to reach for a new shore with wild abandon.

Let Glitter Sleuth be your guide in your search for the new, the exciting, and the unique in this great big world. On the web and in the flesh, Glitter Sleuth seeks cool culture, esoteric knowledge, and the perfect cream cheese frosting.

The next step- the one that takes you outside your comfort zone- is up to you. With this blog, I challenge you to do that thing you’ve been putting off forever. Learn to sail. Study a star chart. Invent a recipe. Build a robot. Tell me your thoughts when you do.

Who is Meb Byrne?

Meb hails from New York and is based in Berkeley. She loves mushrooms, Mucha, the Muppets, molecular gastronomy, and Marion Nestle. She takes her coffee black and her wine white, and lifts weights as often as possible. The number of mountains Meb has climbed is three.

Meb graduated with honors from New York University, where she holds a B.A. in history, with minors in French and nutrition. She currently works as a program assistant at Prevention Institute.

You can contact Meb at


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