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Pretzel Croissant

In breakfast, nyc, pastry, recommended, restaurant on June 29, 2009 at 8:52 pm

Image courtesy of The Wandering Eater.

Who: You.

What: Pretzel croissant.

When: As often as possible.

Where: City Bakery, 5th Ave at 18th Street, NYC.

Why: I cannot sing high enough praises for this pastry. It is both a pretzel and a croissant, rolled into one light, buttery, crispy, flaky knot of deliciousness and joy.


  1. Buy them early, and buy them hot. Pretzel croissants are fine at room temperature, but utterly heavenly when first warm.
  2. Eat all the crumbs. (Oh, there will be crumbs.)
Go buy one. Now.